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The greatest resource you have in life is your people. When you know more about yourself ( your calling, strength and core values) you are better able to relate on a personal level, build trust, identify opportunities and add value in every area of your personal and professional life. At this moment, i want you to examine what it means to be who God has designed you to be personally and professionally, along with how to lead based on your unique gifting and calling. Now, you can become that change you have been voting for….you can become that President, Governor, Senator, Member of house of Assembly or even Local Government Chairman.

Transformational Leadership has come to approach that change by rebranding the youths and creating values, positive mindset and developing followers into leaders. Enough is enough, since i was little, i have been hearing that the youths are the leaders of tomorrow and uptill date none of the youths have climbed on those leadership positions rather the old ones are still occopying all the positions by the help of using the so called leaders of tomorrow “youth” as their political campagn thugs for their victory. If i may ask, if the old men can use the youths and make their ways into the leadership, does that not show or proof that the youths are capable of becoming that leader? Or does that not proof that the youths are stronger and vibrant to FIGHT AND WIN? My people this old men are weak and cannot do without us the youth and let’s stop selling our rights, identity and personality.

Medically, Physically, Spiritually and Technologically, the youths are stronger, fit and knowlegeable and God fearing than this called Godfathers (users). Some might ask me what about experience (history) but i tell you, in this modern life technology has exposed us to some untold histories and informations that we are even more knowledgeable than so called elders with retarded memories. Transformational Leadership Youths foundation has come to help you know your potentials and ability to become that person God wants you to become by asking ourselves this one question ” I HAVE BEEN VOTING FOR A CHANGE…WHAT ABOUT IF I AM THE CHANGE AND ELECTED TO MAKE THAT CHANGE COME THROUGH?”

God bless Nigeria.

God bless iSEE Magazine

God bless Transformational Leadership Youth Vanguard?️?️

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