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iSEE magazine is singular poised to bring the world of
international fashion/entertainment together, the
magazine is focused on high-end
fashion/entertainment and independent style all over
the world, with articles and images by and about
fashion bloggers, photographers, and entertainers in
general. The magazine is the number one of its kind in
publication for independent fashion entrepreneurs. It is
designed to appeal to affluent aspirational readers
and to provide readers with high quality content and
conveys a clear identity to readers and advertisers.
iSEE magazine is excellently written with the best editors
and contributor(s) who travel to and live in the
style/entertainment capitals of the world, we are out to
be on the front lines of pages as far
fashion/entertainment are concerned.
Our belief is that excellence is irresistible and trust is
irreplaceable, that’s why we try our best not to
persuade you not with the quantity, but with quality of
information we present. We are committed to the
stimulation of creativity and also strengthening
fashion/entertainment creative world.
iSEE magazine delivers useful and innovative
information to fashion/entertainment world, our aim is
to inform our readers about the latest trends and
techniques in fashion/entertainment world.

iSEE magazine was founded in May 2017 in United

Dr okoroigwe v chinonso. CEO Cvic Ent

States of America by Dr Chinonso Victor Okoroigwe,
CEO of Cvic Entertainment and founder of
Transformation Youth Leadership Vanguard Nigeria. It
was a vision he had to give the world an independent
magazine with an impact that would serve and satisfy
reader’s interest.
It was a merely a vision which became an idea and
now a reality. Now ISEE magazine is distributed across
the USA, Turkey, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, London
and serving the world.

Editorial Team/Expert Panel
All articles are carefully curated, edited and prepared
according to the high standards set in the magazine’s
publishing policies. These guidelines are continually
revised and updated to ensure that the quality of
the published content is never compromised.
Before an article is published, it is reviewed by
independent reviews/respected members of the
fashion/entertainment community who provides
feedback to us to review technically. Thanks to
our editorial team/expert panel, we are grateful
for the fantastic work, and our magazine wouldn’t
have the same quality without their profound
expertise and support.

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